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Monkey abandoned youtube

_________________ - Rescue two poor baby monkeys abandoned by their mother - baby monkey poor- Everyone watching the video, remember to subscribe to BiTa's s.

Today video is about: Late Evening & New Abandoned Monkey! He Often Cries and Runs Nervously On The Ground.-Please Subscribe :

Youtube channel Monkey Expert was set up last week in response to the evil trend, highlighting some of the very worst abuse primates are suffering in South East Asia. In a rallying cry to "let the monkeys be monkeys", the Monkey Expert says: "Many monkey channels go to extreme lengths for views, all at the expense of poor and helpless monkeys..

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The Cambodian Ministry of Environment - [email protected] or on Facebook. 3) Report any videos and channels such as these that exploit and abuse wildlife to YouTube. By reporting and flagging the videos, and encouraging others to do so, you can remove the financial incentive to continue abusing the macaques. Update: As of Feb. 5, the Abang Satwa channel was offline. 'We assume that the person has done that himself, as there is no notification from YouTube to say that the channel has been terminated,' Action for Primates noted. Original Story: Indonesian authorities recently confiscated three macaque monkeys, who were kept chained in tiny cages and routinely tortured for YouTube videos, and handed.

_____ - The poor baby monkey is scared thinking about what happened to her before - abandoned and hungry- Everyone watching the video, remember t... _____ - The poor baby monkey is scared thinking.

SHARE. Two black snub-nosed monkey brothers play and wrestle among the tree tops, annoying the rest of the troop who are trying to rest. One of the brothers was abandoned by his mother; the other.

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